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PROJECT: Cardboard Town

Five Star Title & Escrow is hosting a "Project: Cardboard Town" event in Penn Central Mall running from Friday, June 10th to Saturday, June 18th.   


We want to celebrate our small-town living through a big collaborative art project! Running alongside Art on the Square, we hope our community is inspired to join us in creating its own masterpiece of our beloved hometown, Oskaloosa.


Our vision is that Individuals, Organizations, and local businesses will be inspired to help us build Oskaloosa in large cardboard boxes (washing machine sized, so that the art display town ends up Adult-waist height), representing the best of our landmarks, businesses, homes, and beloved spaces, as a large-scale art piece.


The final display: "Project: Cardboard Townwill be open to everyone to walk through from Friday evening June 10th 5pm, through Saturday, June 18th in the Center Court of Penn Central Mall. 


On  Saturday, June 11th  as part of Art on the Square, there will be a children's Scavenger Hunt in the Cardboard Town.  Kids can pick up a search and find sheet from 2-4pm at Center Court in the Mall (Candy for all!)


An Awards ceremony for “best-in-show” cardboard pieces will then take place at 4 pm on June 11th. If you have created a box building or landmark, please join us for prizes and community celebration! 


This is a free event hosted by Five Star Title & Escrow to encourage community-building and fun.  We will supply the large boxes and help with ideas – the rest is up to you! 


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Pick up a Carboard box* and helpful tips for creating your buidling from the Penn Central Mall on MAY 21st from 9-NOON.

REGISTER your participation and design idea below, or by emailing or calling Fiona & Danyel at Five Star Title & Escrow:


**If you are unable to pick up a box, never fear! Fiona and Danyel would be delighted to get a box to you or your organization - reach out and we'll make an arrangement to do so.

If you have cardboard of your own to use - you can sign up and get straight to work! Just remember, we are aiming to have all buildings reach Adult waist height.


We'd like to see your creativity come alive... think outside the Box - Literally! The more attention to detail, or as accurate a Building-representation, the better.


 Have fun and lean into celebrating whichever local landmark building, store or home in our community you are working on.

  • Paint

  • Markers

  • Fabric or ribbon,

  • Layers of construction paper or paper mâché ...

  • Other recyclables


...your options are endless!!!

Have fun getting out and about Oskaloosa: take a walk around the building you are recreating, sketch it or snap a picture and then enjoy bringing it to life in 3D cardboard!


Our hope is to have as much of Oskaloosa represented as possible!


...the Courthouse, the Library, the Fire Department, Police Station, Hospital, Mahaska Drug, Churches, School Buildings, Stores, Restaurants, Banks, Oskaloosa Landmarks, Public Parks...

We'd also love to see historic buildings such as the Rivola Theatre or the Rocket Slide!


Don't forget our structures like Water Towers, Stop signs, Fire Hydrants and Traffic Lights. No element of town is too big or too small!

There are lots of great videos, blogs and articles online with tips on creating cardboard playhouses that can be adapted to this project.  If you are stuck, ask a neighbor - this is a town-wide event and we're ALL working together to create something great.


Box Buildings and landmarks should have a "roof height" of approximately 3ft tall.

The carboard buildings and structures need to be brought to life in COLOR and with as many defining features as you can add so that when people walk through Project Cardboard Town, there can be no doubt that it is our beloved Oskaloosa!



ALL Cardboard Structures need to be returned to Penn Central Mall on Thursday, June 9th between 4-7 pm to be staged for the final art gallery event.*  
**If you require assistance in getting your Box back to the Mall again, Five Star Title & Escrow would be happy to help - please contact us to arrange a pick-up of your structure before Thursday June 9th.


June 9th

Return your creation to Penn Central Mall between 4-7pm

Timeline of Events:

June 10th-18th

The Cardboard town is on Display in Penn Canral Mall and ready for you to walk through! 

June 11th

2-4 PM Kids

Scavenger Hunt 

4PM Awards Ceremony & Community Celebration

at Penn Central Mall

May 21st

You can pick up your cardboard box (Flat packed for transport) from Penn Central Mall between 9 am and 12noon


REGISTER for the event and pick your building or Structure!

If needed, arrange an early pick-up or drop-off of a Cardboard Box for your design

Image by Dragos Gontariu
Image by Kelli Tungay